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TextServ offers the industry's easiest to use and most advanced platform for connecting businesses to customers using SMS Text Messaging. Our rich, highly functional products are targeted at solving key business needs using the world's fastest growing communication medium.

  • SMS Call to Action Advertising Campaigns
  • Bulk SMS and Email Campaigns
  • SMS Alerts
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Mobile and Web based Surveys
  • TextServ has the solution that fits your needs at a price that cannot be beat.

    Custom SMS and Email Responses»

    Controller Drill Down

    Custom SMS and Rich HTML Email Responses

    TextServ's products allow you to create custom SMS responses for each TextCode you manage, allowing you to localize your message on a per campaign ad basis. Make changes to these responses in realtime, and offer a 5% discount one day, and a 10% discount the next!

    In addition TextServ can be configured to request a consumer's email address, as part of the inital call to action, or as a follow on request. Custom HTML or plain text emails can be automatically sent to each consumer that supplies their email address, allowing customers to buy the advertisied product with a single click, see product brochures and offers etc.

    Measure your success in real time»


    Measure your sucesss in real time

    All TextServ products feature sophisticated real time executive dashboards. At a glance view response trends, email views & clicks, or click and drill down to get more detailed statistics and specific information.

    Find out where your customers are from using our worldwide geo-location mapping. Find out what times of the day responses are most likely to arrive using our response time views.

    Take your dashboard data to your meetings with our downloadable and printable PDF reports.

    Up to five years of your historical data is available for comparison and review, allowing you to measure ongoing success rates and fine tune your efforts.

    Continuously market to your connected customers. »

    Deployment Detail

    Continuously Market

    Once you have built a customer opt in list through your mobile marketing and customer feedback initiatives you can then reach out to that customer base again and again using SMS and Rich HTML Email campaigns.

    TextServ makes it easy to build a campaign distribution list from the customer contacts you have collected and to target the right customers for the campaign you wish to run.

    Reconnect with your customers on an ongoing basis to build and reward loyalty, enhance your brand and drive sales.

    Measure the results of these outbound campaigns on your TextServ dashboard. Are you reaching the right customers?

    Mobilize. »

    Rich Emails

    SMS Text Messaging

    SMS Text Messaging is a breakthrough communication medium as evidenced by growth year after year. Every 6 months SMS traffic volumes have increased at least 37% in the US. It has quickly changed the way people communicate and accesss information.

    The Facts

  • Average age of texter is 36
  • Gen Y (18-28) 72%
  • Gen X (29-42) 47%
  • Boomers (43-63) 27%
  • Over 41 million people text daily
  • 123 million people send at least 1 text per month
  • USA 2.5 billion texts per day - 75 billion per month
  • UK 120 million texts per day - 2.4 billion per month
  • Ireland 25 million texts per day - 750 million per month

  • Average time for reader to read your email is 48 hours.
  • Average time for reader to read your text is 4 minutes.

    A typical U.S. Mobile subscriber sends or receives 357 text messages a month, compared to placing or receiving 204 phone calls per month

    Recent industry success stories with SMS

    In an 18 day period, the double opt-in rate for Little Ceasars was 62%...a staggering result.

    McDonald’s launched its Monopoly Game promo and had 1,998,774 mobile code entries (15%).

    Dairy Queen had a 22% mobile click-through rate.

    You just don’t see results like this in traditional media.

  • US Texting Trend

    Who is Texting

    Who is Texting